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who puts the i in autonomy
the balance between dreams and reality
another day, another goal you didn't seek
but it wasn't just about counting victories

i think i've seen that face
your disappointed cause it didn't go quite your way
now you don't want to play
your biggest failure is you can't perceive your apathy

you and me got history
like the holes in our chests that you just can't see
using holes we justify a means to dig
to find a more honest way to live

and it's hard to admit
how much is wrong, the missing pieces, it's a bitter end
you can't pretend
and now those very means are all that you can ever project

like: motivations never coming around here
cause this town just sinks and reeks of apathy
those very sentiments cast ripples around you,
a fog that is just so thick, you cannot see
i'll never forget the beauty in the person that you
used to be when you believed, when you believed in something


from Nowhere Demo, released March 13, 2015




The Reeks! Austin, Texas

Out of the pits of hell.

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